Baby Rattles Crib Mobiles Toy

Baby Rattles Crib Mobiles Toy
Baby Rattles Crib Mobiles Toy
Baby Rattles Crib Mobiles Toy


Baby Rattles Crib Mobiles Toy

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Baby Rattles Crib Mobiles Toy


Problem solving:

1. If the mobile does not turn

Great power is required for good product performance. Be sure to use new or fully charged batteries. If the mobile does not rotate while the music is playing, replace it with new batteries or turn the mobile rod counterclockwise for a few seconds while keeping the power on.

2. If the mobile does not fit in the crib

The mobile of the cradle ONLY locks in a cradle whose square bar does not measure more than 1.8 inches (4.5 cm). Read the product description carefully before purchase.

3. If the music repeats

Try replacing the mobile phone with new or fully charged batteries. If it still does not solve the problem, write us for a new replacement.

4. Purchase notice: once you open the music box, the music will never stop. All functions are accompanied by music, night light and projection cannot be used alone, be careful to buy.

Funny removable rattles
Hanging characters can be played alone as small rattlesnakes.

One of the hanging toys with teether that help the baby to overcome the difficult moment of teething.

Rotation function and sleep timer mode
Adorable cartoon toys to rotate 360 °, attract the baby's attention and exercise the baby's sight.

The music box can be timed 20/40/60 minutes and then close automatically at the set time. Let the baby sleep in a comfortable and quiet environment.

Fit size
Convenient safety screw locking clamp.

The mobile is suitable for a crib with a square strip of no more than 1.8 inches.

The clamp must not be used on round or soft rails.


Mobile Projection
Projected towards the ceiling through the music box, there are 4 types of projection (red, purple, 2 colors, 2 alternately intermittent colors) and history stage projection.

As the baby grows, you can remove the mobile and project the show on the ceiling, with sweet music or sounds.

The projection effect is more obvious in the dark.



Night light
Help comfort your baby during quiet moments or nap with sweet music or sounds that sound, bright night light and makes the baby feel safe at night



Take-out music box
It goes where the baby goes. With velcro closure for baby carriers, strollers, bassinet and more.

When the mother takes the baby out, connect the mobile music box to her baby carrier.

Let your baby take the fun anywhere

Colorful Spinning Baby Musical Mobile Cradle
Continuous entertainment
The music box has six buttons to switch between functions, which helps babies discover the cause and effect associated with pressing the buttons.

Easy to install
Suitable for cot, infant bed, strollers, cribs, car seats, cribs, etc.

Package List:
1 x music box; 1 x mobile crib arm; 1 x support arm;

1 x bell ring; 1 x hanging frame; 1 x infrared remote control;

4 x hanging toys; 1 x screwdriver (as gifts)

Baby Musical Crib Mobile with synchronization function - Pink version

Pink version
Music box with light and music function, projection, rotation and synchronization.
Adjustable volume, press and hold the V- or V + button to adjust the volume.
With convenient remote control for mothers to do housework.


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